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2-Minute FUN Plank Routine

BFF: Girl, I do NOT have time to workout. I’m stressing.  

Me: Saaammmmmme. How are we gonna get thru this? 


….Building up to a 2-Minute FUN Plank Routine

If your schedule has got you stress-eating chicken nuggets…we got you! This routine is quick and combines 10 different styles of planks. So if you get bored easily, this head-to-toe workout is especially for you. If you’re building up your plank skills, we highly suggest you try our 30-Day #WERQyourplank Plan. The FREE plan will help you build up the strength you’ll need to get through these exercises over the course of 30 days with very little time commitment.

So what are the 10 different styles of planks…
Woman Demonstrating Plank Jacks
Get ready for plank jacks!
  1. Walking Plank x 4
  2. Plank Jacks x 32
  3. Spider Plank x 4
  4. Stripper Plank x 5 🙂
  5. Fall Down  x 4 (sounds easy right?)
  6. Rocking Plank x 18
  7. Walk the Plank x 4
  8. Leg Up Plank x 4
  9. Twist + Twerk Plank x 32
  10. Side Plank x 4 (both sides)
3, 2, 1…….LET’S DO THIS! 

Press play on the routine and try it out! 

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walking plank x 4 plank jack x 32 spider plank x 4 stripper plank x 5 fall down plank x 4 rocking plank x 18 walk the plank x 4 plank leg up x 4 twist/twerk plank x 32 side plank x 4 R/L

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