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Secret Ways to WERQ Your iWatch

You like my smartwatch? 


You (or someone who loves you!) dropped major coin for your iWatch. We want to make sure you make the most of that beautifully  powerful tool on your wrist. With just a few key downloads, swipes, and clicks, you can customize your iWatch to be your personal trainer, accountability partner, and yoga guru in one. And because we know you WERQ harder when you like your outfit, we’re linked to some fashionable bands to fit your active lifestyle. Let’s WERQ that iWatch! 

How to Customize Your Workout App

  1. Click on the workout app on your iWatch.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click: Add Workout.
  3. Find “dance” and add it. 
  4. Every time you WERQ, it’s right there for you to start up! 
  5. Now, go add some more workouts!

……watch this video and learn how to add and delete workouts and set goals!

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On the workout app on your iwatch you can: +Add a workout -Delete a workout ~Set calorie or time specific goals

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Top Fitness Apps for your iWatch

Your best self is within reach with these health and wellness apps. Some are free and some are paid apps, but ALL  have been tested and approved for our WERQaholics. Here are just a few of our favs from THE TOP 17 LIST:

  1. Nike Training Club (FREE) – Loads of workouts you can filter by length, equipment, difficulty and more. We love that it integrates with our Spotify playlists🙂
  2. Pocket Yoga ($3) – Get your yoga on with both audio and visual guides on your watch. Log and track your progress. Is that yoga in your pocket?
  3. Clue (Free or $1/month) – This period tracker alerts you to patterns, so you can tune into your monthly cycle and how it effects your mood, energy, and overall health. 
  4. Happier (FREE) – Practice happy with daily reminders of how awesome you are:) Think of this as an on-the-go gratitude journal. 
  5. And 13 more……

Don’t stop there! Express yourself with a fashionable watchband. After all, no gym lewk is complete without accessories. (Spoiler alert…one is a scrunchy!)