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5 Super Bowl Snacks Made Healthy

Couch time and traditional game time snacks may leave you feeling weighed down. Here are 5 recipes that put a much lighter, healthier spin on Super Bowl snacking.

Spinach and Artichoke dip by Natasha’s Kitchen

1. Spinach and Artichoke Dip made with Greek Yogurt. This recipe uses greek yogurt to reduce fat and cholesterol and increase the protein.

2. Loaded Black Bean Nachos. This recipe makes a healthy shifts and delivers traditional taste. We like it because it uses ingredients that are easy to find!

7 Ingredient Sliders by Minimalist Baker

3. Simple Veggie Sliders. Quinoa fueled mini burgers are crispy on the outside with a tender and smoky inside. This recipe simplifies the prep time without sacrificing texture

Fever-Tree Light Ginger Beer, no alcohol
Fever-Tree Light Ginger Beer, no alcohol

or taste.

4. Grilled Pizza with Fresh Basil. Who doesn’t love a good slice on game day? Enjoy the lighter side of this party favorite and get creative with toppings.

5. Ginger Beer. You’ve got to try this naturally light, nonalcoholic ginger beer. The bottle gives the look of a game time brew, but leaves you sharp and light. Ginger is well known to calm upset stomachs. And this particular brand uses a small amount of natural fruit sugars to sweeten the soda, so your calorie intake remains low. Looking for a cocktail? Try this Moscow Mule.

Couple these healthy eats with a WERQout during the half time show for an incredibly fun and healthy game day!