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Stress Less Spring Cleaning

Does your gym bag smell like a locker room? Does your purse outweigh your the kettlebells you lift? Do you hesitate offering your workout buddy a ride home, because your passenger seat is piled high with granola bar wrappers, water bottles, a bag of stuff you need to return to Target, and your spare sneakers? Spring is here and it’s time to de-junk. 

Whether your gym bag is gathering dust from neglect (resolution schmesolution) or you use it as your home on-the-go for, like, everything, we will be your cheerleader as you face off with your cluttered spaces.

Organizing like a boss can be overwhelming at first, but focus on the benefits and one thing at a time. Research shows that neat freaks sleep better and stay healthy! You’ll feel less stressed looking at a clean closet. You’ll save time looking for your keys at the bottom of your purse…they’re there somewhere! And you can even make money off your clutter through Amazon’s trade-in program

Picture how amazing it will feel when you’ve got your most used bags, drawers, and closets organized. Picturing it? Feel better already? Here’s a printable guide to get you started!