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CHILL Cooldown// Week of September 16

A CHILL cooldown reminds you that all good things must come to an end…..at least until the next WERQout.  The official WERQ Cooldown Playlist is a list of the best pop, rnb, and hip hop songs to use for the Signature WERQ Cooldown* in WERQ Dance Fitness Classes. The BMP is slower to properly cooldown after a great WERQout. How would you like to end your WERQout? Chill vibe? Sexy tone? A positive message? Or lighthearted? Find it here. *explicit listed

Our fav chill cooldown this week?


by Ariana Grande


What we love about this song? After an intense cardio WERQout, the song’s lyrics and airy vocal remind us to “just keep breathin”. Yes, Ariana…we hear you.  Hear it on iTunes: breathin – Ariana Grande

Vibe: Dreamy and Restorative

For a running list of our top pics for WERQ cooldowns, listen on Spotify: