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Cross Train Like A Boss

You got your cardio on lock! But what about strength and flexibility? WERQ Dance Fitness classes help you develop cardiovascular endurance, in other words, a strong and efficient heart. The moves are athletic and rooted in dance, so you can expect to get your heart pumping and build over all strength by traveling the floor, jumping, dropping low, and even performing plyometrics in some routines leading to an epic calorie burn.

However, for optimal fitness, clean body mechanics, and mobility, cross training is essential. Here are the 3 key components for well-balanced fitness routine.

  1. WERQ your heart. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderatet to intense work (WERQ!) each week to see health benefits. How hard are you WERQing?

  2. Lift heavy things. StudiWoman_Using_Bowflex_Adjustable_Dumbbells-862x1024es show that strength training can build lean muscle mass leading to fat loss and increased bone density. Don’t freak out! Lifting is IN and you will not bulk up.

  3. tumblr_lw874m2MMr1r4ez6uo1_400NamaSTAY flexible. Flexibility and mobility are incredibly important to preventing injury, limiting pain, and developing great body mechanics. Make a yoga date with a friend, Become a Supple Leopard, and stretch after each WERQ class.



    Need a visual? Yeah, we thought so.

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