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Know Your Body | Quadriceps

Knowledge about your body opens up a well of empowerment to elevate your fitness and wellness game. Learn the basics from your Achilles to your trapezius and take ownership over your health.
Muscle Group: Quadricepsquadriceps-anatomy-label




Definition: The large muscle at the front of the thigh, which is divided into four distinct portions and acts to extend the leg.

The four portions of the quadriceps are labeled on the picture to the right.

  1. Rectus femoris
  2. Vastus intermedius (not pictured)
  3. Vastus Medialis
  4. Vastus Lateralis

The quadriceps is a very large muscle used in WERQ dance classes, cycling, running, and many bodyweight exercises. If you have tight quadriceps, try these 5 great quad stretches to avoid injury and increase your range of motion. And checkout our Pinterest board for other muscles to know.