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LIT Warmup // Week of December 10

LIT warmup songs are the key to starting off your WERQout on the best foot.  The official WERQ Warmup Playlist is a list of the best pop, dance, and hip hop songs to use for the Signature WERQ Warmup* in WERQ Dance Fitness classes. With a wide variety of vibe, these songs have the best BMP to get lit and fit. Push play and set the tone for your WERQout. *Explicit listed.

Our fav lit warmups this week? You get two for the price of one today! 


by Sia


What we love about this song? Sia’s big vocals and ramp up to a high energy chorus initiates intensity from the very beginning. The lyrics create an anthem for us cardio junkies. “Your body is poetry” gives us inspo to move our bodies. And for those less inclined to go all out, the song will set the scene for your best effort. We love the pace and that it’s a solid 4 minutes long. For these cold winter days, we need that extra heat to get warmup up! 

Listen on Apple Music.  

BPM: 128 beats per minute

For a running list of our top pics for WERQ warmups, listen on Spotify: