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Press Play, GROWN WERQ

Because you are feeling yourself…

Because S&M doesn’t make you blush…

Because Wild for the Night is your middle name…

Because you are G.R.O.W. N.  Don’t apologize for being you and knowing what it is you want in life. For those moments when you want to celebrate being exactly who you are or want to be….

We bring you: GROWN WERQ… a playlist curated by WERQ Master Trainer, Christina Outlay. This list is for the mature, sexy pop and hip hop lovers out there. Grown a$$ WERQaholics, turn down the lights and tell the kids to cover their ears:)


WERQ Master Trainer, Christina Outlay, came to slay. If you’re ever in the Madison, Wisconsin area, stop by and take her WERQ classes.

Being an adult comes with lots of responsibilities, so it’s important that you flex on the perks of being a grown up. No permission needed when you want to bounce, flounce, twerk, and row the body. We highly suggest a leotard a la Beyonce if you need assistance getting into formation. Thigh high socks help, too:) 

Press play and slay this playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.