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Creating a WERQ Instructor Community

Taylor Swift’s crew of strong and powerful friends brought us a new term in 2015, “Squad Goals.” In 2016, we are encouraging our WERQforce Members to build a squad of their own. Let’s be honest, beginning your journey as a WERQ Instructor can be a bit overwhelming. There are mixed emotions that are equal parts excitement and fear. Did I create a WERQ-worthy playlist? Can I really remember all 15 + routines? What about my cueing skills? And what will happen if I pass out half way through my playlist? Oh the humanity!!

First of all, take a deep breath. Second, try to find other WERQ Instructors in your area. If you are going solo in your area, remember that you will eventually be the experienced one that new instructors are seeking out for guidance. For the time being, use our WERQforce Facebook group to seek assistance from other instructors.

The WERQforce community is one of the most engaging and supportive groups that I have ever been a part of. For those of you looking to grow your instructor community and achieve your own squad goals in 2016, here are 3 easy tips for creating an instructor community in your area…..

  1. BE PROACTIVE: Initiate contact with other instructors in your area. Introduce yourself, let them know about your WERQ background, and say, “Hey, let’s do this together!”

  1. BE PRESENT: The best way to create a community is to be one of the building blocks. Take class from other instructors and be their biggest cheerleader in the room. It takes courage, commitment, and heart to get up in front of people and WERQ it. Having a friendly face in the group can make all the difference.

  1. BE POSITIVE: A community is there for support, guidance, and growth. Share tips, tricks, and ideas that encourage growth among instructors.

These three simple tips can help you create a WERQ instructor community in your area. If you’re really lucky, following these three steps will also help you create some fantastic new friendships. Keep us posted on your WERQ Instructor Community progress via social media using #WERQsquadgoals

Keep up the great WERQ!

-Danielle Porte

Training Manager, WERQ Fitness