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WERQing for Your Target Heart Rate

Music can move us mind, body, and soul. It can empower us, motivate us, and bring out our sentimental side. Music can have a profoundly positive impact on your workout (WERQout) routine and make you push harder….just ask anyone who has participated in a WERQ class.

WERQ is a cardiovascular dance fitness format that challenges you with a 60 minute continuous playlist. To make sure you are getting enough out of your WERQout, while not overdoing it, you should know how to calculate your target heart rate. Everyone’s target heart rate is going to be different based on a variety of factors. To learn how to calculate your THR, check out this article from the American Heart Association.

If you need a little musical inspiration to challenge yourself to reach your THR,  here are 5 songs that have a beat per minute >140.

  1. Geronimo by Sheppard – 142BPM

  2. Till It Hurts by Yellow Claw and Ayden – 146BPM

  3. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy – 149BPM

  4. Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor – 159BPM

  5. Whistle (While You Work (WERQ) It) by Katy Tiz – 162 BPM

To see the amazing choreography that accompanies each of these songs, find a WERQ class near you using the FIND A CLASS option.



Danielle Porte

Training Manager, WERQ Fitness