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Know Your Body | Hamstrings

Knowledge about your body opens up a well of empowerment to elevate your fitness and wellness game. Learn the basics from your Achilles to your trapezius and take ownership over your health.
Muscle Group: Hamstrings
ham·string  \ˈham-ˌstriŋ\


Muscle Definition: any of three muscles at the back of the thigh that function to flex and rotate the leg and extend the thigh:
Tendon Definition: either of two groups of tendons bounding the upper part of the popliteal space at the back of the knee and forming the tendons of insertion of some muscles of the back of the thigh
The hamstrings help:
  • bend the knee
  • slow us down when running and jumping
  • with agility and quickness in dance and sports

The hamstrings are an opposing muscle group to the quadriceps. The hamstring is a muscle used in WERQ dance classes, cycling, running, and bodyweight exercises. If you have tight hamstrings, try these 4 great hamstring stretches to avoid injury and increase your range of motion. Or if you need more direction, this video is a great guided deep stretch for the back of your legs:



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